Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sale Waterside - Visitors Choice Award

I have just received the Visitors Choice Award at the Sale Waterside ‘Open’ Exhibition for my porcelain butterfly installation. I received £150 prize money and the opportunity to take part in an exhibition at the Gallery next year with seven other award winners. It's a real honour to receive the visitors' choice award, particularly given the strength of the competition in this year’s show. Trafford is a real hub of creativity and I feel fortunate to have been able to celebrate that with so many talented artists at such a great arts venue as the Sale Waterside.

I usually display the butterflies in a circle or flock formation but after arriving at the gallery and seeing the tall rectangular wall space I was a bit flummoxed to say the least! After some contemplation, panic, cup of tea and some sketches I decided on the column formation as seen. Each butterfly has been attached to the wall with dress makers pins. They are also painted red on the back, which you only see when walking past the installation.

Photographs by Stuart Royse

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