Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Manchester School of Art - degree show

Just been to see the Manchester School of Art degree show and saw some fabulous ceramics, I absolutely loved Joe Hartley's work and want the full set of bread making tools and storage vessels! Beautiful, functional, subtle and ingenious designs, definitely the creation of a designer passionate about what he does whether that is making bread, eating bread or making pots! The vessels also have beautifully made wooden lids and and some even adapt to become bread making tools tools and bread boards. To complete his product line he has also created a multi-functional apron to wear while baking, that can be adapted to wear as a storage bag for carrying the bread after. So, not only skilled with clay and wood but also textiles. Stunning absolutely stunning!! He is definitely one to watch. All the best for the future Joe! 

Joseph Hartley 

I also loved Marie Canning's work, exquisite objects based on ancient herbal medicine. Marie has created beautiful wearable vessels inspired by Victorian ‘ceramic eye ointment pots’ which she has decorated with minute herbal plants including; flowers, leaves, stems, roots and tendrils. Carefully placed oxides pool in the bottom of the vessels highlighting the stunning plant detail. Subtle impressed text tell a story of the medicinal herb and they are finished to perfection with delicately placed gold wires and lustres, just delicious!! Her attention to detail is remarkable. All the best for the future Marie, hope to see you at the shows very soon!

Marie Canning

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